About us

Our company

Quantum Rubber Limited acts as a retail distributor in the UK for some of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of recycled rubber products.

Our connections enable us to offer the very highest quality products at competitive prices and with the benefit of manufacturer UK stock support and fast availability of special requirements for our customers. Our scope covers a wide range of different applications and business sectors and we are geared to handle all sizes of order requirements, from a single washing machine mat right through to large quantity roll supplies for building projects.

Through our connections we can also offer specific assistance and technical support for acoustic noise control systems in factories, anti-slip applications for goods transit and solutions for roofing and other applications in the construction arena.

Whilst primarily concerned with retail supply in the UK marketplace, our connections throughout Europe and in the USA do mean that we can often assist in arranging supply sourcing for customers from outside the United Kingdom.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your requirements for rubber based products - we are always pleased to assist.