StrataWedge Professional D-Clip Tile Levelling System
Eliminating lippage and ensuring perfectly flat tiling with precise spacing - for 3mm to 20mm thick tiles

The StrataWedge D-Clip levelling system has been developed as a professional, easy to use, system to eliminate uneven planes between tiles due to imperfect screed coatings or surface variations. It permits accurate alignment of tile surfaces, acting as both leveller and spacer, and ensures regular joint widths between tiles. X and T-spacers can optionally be used to ensure perfect tile corner alignments. The system comprises:

  • StrataWedge Spacer Levelling D-Clips
  • StrataWedge D-Clip Wedges
  • StrataWedge D-Clip Pliers

The D-shaped plastic spacer levelling clips are designed to be fitted in the joints between two tiles. A plastic wedge is then inserted into the aperture in the centre of the clip and is squeezed by a pair of specially designed pliers until it sits flush on the surface of both tiles, thus ensuring they are perfectly level.

Once the tile adhesive has set, the clip is easily broken off leaving only its base embedded in the adhesive under the tiles. The plastic wedge is re-useable so users need only buy  spacer levelling clips for subsequent installations.

Two ranges of Spacer Levelling Clips are available, one for tiles that are from 3mm to 12mm in thickness, the other is for tiles from 12mm to 20mm in thickness. The 3m to 12m clips are available for 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm joint widths. The 12mm to 20mm clips are available for 1mm or 2mm joint widths. The Wedges and the Pliers work with both sizes of clip.

Eliminate lippage and ensure perfectly flat tiling with precise spacing

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Starter Kit
Packed in a handy re-usable storage box this kit is ideal for getting started with the StrataWedge Tile Levelling System. It contains 300 each of the Wedges and Spacer Levelling D-Clips (3 to 12mm - 1.5mm), along with a pair of D-Clip Professional Pliers.


1 x Professional Pliers
300 x Wedges
300 x Spacer Levelling D-Clips

SW-STARTER KIT-1 Barcode: 37 91941 30104 8

Installation Guide

Spread the adhesive, place the first tile into position, and tap it down with a rubber mallet, check level with a spirit level. Insert two or more D-Clips, according to tile size, underneath the tile edges into the bed of adhesive. Place the next tile into position and tap down. Optionally insert an appropriate X-shaped or Y-shaped tile joint spacer at the tiie corner intersections to ensure perfect joint alignment.

Slide a wedge into each of the D-Clips and press into position, using the special clamping pliers, to achieve perfect alignment between the tile surfaces.
(Hint: Run a flat edge over the tile surfaces to check that the alignment is perfect and that there is no ‘lippage’). Proceed with laying and levelling the remaining tiles.

Leave until the tile adhesive is dry. The wedges and D-Clips can then be removed with a sharp tap with a rubber headed mallet, ideally in a parallel direction to the tile edge. This will cause the D-Clips to break off level with the tile base, leaving the joints ready for grouting. The Wedges can be saved for re-use.

D-Clip Pliers

Special pressure adjustable D-Clip Pliers, for squeezing the wedges into the Spacer Levelling D-Clips, are available in Plastic for standard applications and in Metal for regular professional use.

D-Clip Spacer 3 to 12mm
D-Clip Spacer 12 to 20mm
D-Clip Wedge
SKU Description Barcode Pack Qty Box Qty
SW-D-CLIP-WEDGE StrataWedge D-Clip Wedge - Blister Pack 37 91941 30105 5 50 pcs. 30 x 100 pcs.
SW-D-CLIP-PLIER StrataWedge Standard D-Clip Pliers 37 91941 30106 2 1 pcs. 30 x 100 pcs.
SW-D-CLIP-PLIER-PRO StrataWedge Professional D-Clip Pliers 37 91941 30107 9 1 pcs. 30 x 100 pcs.
SW-D-CLIP-1220-1 StrataWedge D-Clip Spacer 12 to 20mm - 1mm thick 37 91941 30108 6 50 pcs. 60 x 100 pcs.
SW-D-CLIP-1220-2 StrataWedge D-Clip Spacer 12 to 20mm - 2mm thick 37 91941 30109 3 50 pcs. 60 x 100 pcs.
SW-D-CLIP-312-1 StrataWedge D-Clip Spacer 3 to 12mm - 1mm thick 37 91941 30110 9 100 pcs. 30 x 100 pcs.
SW-D-CLIP-312-1.5 StrataWedge D-Clip Spacer 3 to 12mm - 1.5mm thick 37 91941 30111 6 100 pcs. 30 x 100 pcs.
SW-D-CLIP-312-2 StrataWedge D-Clip Spacer 3 to 12mm - 2mm thick 37 91941 30112 3 100 pcs. 30 x 100 pcs.
SW-D-CLIP-312-3 StrataWedge D-Clip Spacer 3 to 12mm - 3mm thick 37 91941 30113 0 100 pcs. 30 x 100 pcs.