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The Quantum Cradle is a Patented Joist Support with levelling used to provide a mounting system for floors.

This LOW PROFILE version of the cradle is designed for use with 1" (25mm) height joists. Use for limited threshold heights or for building systems where metal 1" (25mm) high joist beams are utilised.



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A Leveling Solution for Floors & Decks

The Quantum Cradle System is a unique Patented Joist Support with levelling which can be used to provide a mounting system for floors and decking.

The System has been fully assessed and tested by Swansea University Materials Centre of Excellence and conforms to the Loading Conditions for Flooring as laid down in BS5399.

The unique design and buttress thread enables the cradle to carry high loads with infinite adjustment to allow for accurate levelling of the floor or deck surface.

Quantum Rubber Adjustable Floor CradleThe cradle is designed for use on uneven and out of level floors. The unique design enables the soft sprung feel of a timber floor to be achieved over concrete sub bases. The cradle allows for fast installation and removes the need for levelling screeds and the slow drying times normally associated with cementitious type products.

The void created by the cradles can provide useful space for insulation and can also be used for service runs of electrics, piping, etc.

The system is ideal for use in fast track building programs or conservatory floors.


The Cradle acts purely as a loading support, so care should be taken when loading the cradle to ensure that the sub base can accept the load. The following is a Table of Load Centres for Standard UK Joist sizes. The load can be distributed by increasing the number of cradles used. Similar loading profiles will apply to low threshold installations and will need to be calculated based on the exact type of support joist used.

 Imposed load 1.5kN/m² (31.33 lbs per ft²)
Joist centres (mm)
Imposed load 4.0 kN/m² (83.54 lbs per ft²)
Joist centres (mm)
Joist section (mm) 400 500 600 400 500 600
Width / Depth Maximum clear joist span S, (metres)
44/47 x 97 2.00 1.86 1.75 1.47 1.33 1.22
44/47 x 122 2.51 2.33 2.20 1.85 1.66 1.51
44/47 x 147 3.02 2.81 2.64 2.20 1.97 1.80
44/47 x 170 3.49 3.24 3.05 2.52 2.26 2.07
44/47 x 95 4.00 3.71 3.50 2.87 2.57 2.35
44/47 x 220 4.20 4.18 3.94 3.21 2.88 2.60
The Cradle is manufactured using a combination of Recycled Plastic and Glass.
Diameter: 90mm
Height: 50mm
Adjustability: 15mm – 30mm (Greater Heights can be achieved using base plates, rubber pads or spacers beneath the cradles)
Load Capability: 7 kN/m² (146.2 lbs per ft²)