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Liberty Paver Tiles comprises a range of 20mm thick load bearing porcelain stoneware tiles with excellent technical and aesthetic features.

Liberty is the ideal product for the creation of patios and raised floor platforms on balconies and heavy load traffic areas.

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Choice of Stone & Wood Effect Finishes

With an appealing choice of four Stone patterns and two simulated Wood Effect patterns Liberty Pavers can be installed traditionally as well as by dry-laying on sand, gravel, grass or practically any other firm and reasonably level surface, without adhesives or grout - quickly and with no mess - using our standard tile corner supports which are supplied as standard with each tile order. Adjustable polypropylene pedestals are also available separately, if required, to raise the tiling level or to compensate for uneven surfaces. The gap between the pavers and the sub-floor allows for easy inspection at any time and helps to reduce undulations, while at the same time contributing to acoustic and thermal insulation.

Liberty Tile raised floor systemLiberty Pavers raised floor systemLiberty is the ideal paving system for the creation of raised floor platforms and it is equally suitable for both commercial, high density, traffic areas and for residential applications. Quick and easy to install, the flooring is immediately walkable.

Raised Floor Liberty Pavers - drainageLiberty Pavers Liberty Pavers - conventional laying

Liberty pavers are long lasting and are structurally stable in any climate conditions and provide the ideal solution for outdoor paving in gardens, yards and terraces. A path or walkable roof deck can easily be created because it is perfectly flat. The tiles are easy to remove and reuse.

Liberty porcelain pavers are a lightweight, anti-slip, economical and aesthetically pleasing solution, requiring no sealing. They will not stain and will remain looking as good as the day they were installed.

Liberty Pavers are available in 600 x 600 x 20 mm, in four simulated stone and three simulated wood effect finishes, giving the aesthetics of natural stone or wood without the expense, maintenance and upkeep required for natural stone paving or wood decking.

BenefitsLiberty Pavers in Garden

  • Frost resistant - The porcelain material absorbs very little water (only 0.05%). As a result the pavers technical capabilities and appearance are not susceptible to damage at low temperatures.
  • Temperature resistant - From -50°C to +60°C maintaining the same technical, aesthetic features and longevity of the material over time.
  • Colour stability - Colour remains unchanged over time.
  • High breaking load - Every single slab can bear a load of up to 1000kg.
  • Resistant to salt - The material has next to no porosity and does not, therefore, suffer corrosion following the spreading of salt during winter months.
  • Easy to clean - Liberty porcelain stoneware products are easy to clean and can withstand the use of pressure washers or hydro jet machines without suffering any damage.
  • Resistant to moulds, moss and verdigris treatments - Liberty porcelain stoneware provides an inhospitable surface for any form of vegetable growth and does not encourage the development of mould or moss.
  • Easy to install - The pavers are produced on a computerised system and are perfectly square therefore guaranteeing perfect alignment of slabs for installation in any location.
  • Removable and reusable - The slabs weigh only 17kg and are considerably lighter than traditional materials for outdoor use and they do not change their appearance over time.
  • Anti-slip: textured surface R11 - The texture of the material guarantees perfect adherence and safety both in wet and dry environments, even walking bare foot.

Liberty Pavers offer a complete system of materials, special pieces, accessories, shapes and finishes, to suit requirements for designer finishes, in commercial and residential areas, to create harmonious and functional spaces.