StrataWedge Tile Levelling - Wedges for D-Clips - 50 pack SW-D-Wedge

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The StrataWedge D-Clip levelling system has been developed as a professional, easy to use, system to eliminate uneven planes between tiles due to imperfect screed coatings or surface variations. It permits accurate alignment of tile surfaces, acting as both leveller and spacer, and ensures regular joint widths between tiles. X and T-spacers can optionally be used to ensure perfect tile corner alignments. The system comprises:

  • StrataWedge Spacer Levelling D-Clips
  • StrataWedge D-Clip Wedges
  • StrataWedge D-Clip Pliers

The D-shaped plastic spacer levelling clips are designed to be fitted in the joints between two tiles. A plastic wedge is then inserted into the aperture in the centre of the clip and is squeezed by a pair of specially designed pliers until it sits flush on the surface of both tiles, thus ensuring they are perfectly level.

Once the tile adhesive has set, the clip is easily broken off leaving only its base embedded in the adhesive under the tiles. The plastic wedge is re-useable so users need only buy  spacer levelling clips for subsequent installations.

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